Its not big but its high quality. Every woodworker or crafts person I’ve ever met wants to see the shop. I do when I visit others. My shop is not very big, in fact its quite small. I have three adjacent spaces: A small outside area where I do most of my work literally on two sawhorses and a sheet of plywood; a small studio that houses wood, a work bench, a Hegner scroll saw and a variety of small hand tools; and the machine shop that houses a Sawstop 10” table saw, Powermatic 30B belt sander, Minimax 20” bandsaw, Stubby Lathe, Jet 16” drum sander (I’d replace this if I could find a better machine that has a “random orbit” like function), Delta drill press that doubles for making mortises and square holes, an Oneida dust collector, clamps, some hand tools, and lots of small parts in drawers -  all in an 8’ x 12’ space!! All machines are on wheels. The double doors face south so I have plenty of light but even still have three florescent lights when I need them.