I have been a woodworker for more about 40 years. I attended the Medford (Massachusetts) Vocational Technical High School (“The Voc”) Cabinet Making program instead of high school grades 10-12. At that time, the 2 instructors were Tudor Jones (in the shop) and Wallace Walters in “related”. I wouldn’t expect anyone to know them unless you went to The Voc. I wish I paid more attention.

Over the last 20 years, I have focused on improving my crafting skills and building fine furniture and architectural details using designs developed by myself and my artist wife Teresa Mallen, mostly using exposed joinery and exotic woods.

In addition to woodworking, I also have a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering and have held a number of executive positions over the past 25 years. I’m still actively working but on a consulting basis.

I’m also an active road bicyclist (I have a Calfee Dragonfly), Vespa rider (I have a Vespa GTV250) and Japanese koi keeper. We live in the Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz CA.